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Get Started With Microsoft 365

Get Started With Microsoft 365


Umbrella I.T. Services makes migrating to Microsoft 365 simple with our all-in-one Microsoft 365 migration, configuration and training services. Our staff have provided cloud service migration, configuration and training services for associations in Vancouver including non-profit charitable organizations, private businesses and the BC Professional Firefighters

  • Simplify scaling, business development, processes, communication, collaboration, administration and more by organizing the association and it's members into Organizational Units, Groups and Roles using Microsoft 365.
  • Simplify communication and collaboration through the development of distribution and mailing lists inside of Microsoft 365, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Increase accountability and productivity by registering all assets and resources including hardware, meeting rooms, calendars, contact directories, shared file directories, and more inside of Microsoft 365, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses by identifying key processes and configuring relevant automations inside of Power Automate or Microsoft Flow.
  • Enable activity tracking, user collaboration, secure file access, secure file sharing and compliant data storage by hosting file directories inside of SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Configure productivity software including: organization wide analytical tools, online booking and reservation software with Microsoft Bookings, project management software with Microsoft Planner, individual to-do lists inside of Microsoft To-Do, surveys/questionnaires/quizzes via Microsoft Forms, knowledge management databases inside of OneNote and other custom configurations and integrations inside of Microsoft 365.
  • Migration of all existing users, contacts, calendars, emails and files into Microsoft 365.
  • Connecting all workstations, laptops and servers to Microsoft 365 software, SharePoint sites, OneDrive accounts and other tools.
    • Enable data loss prevention, system wide auditing, file retention, email retention and more with Microsoft 365.
      • Increase collaboration with Microsoft Teams instant messaging, video conferencing and other collaboration tools.

        Consultation is at the core of our work

        Our expert consultants regularly meet with your leadership team to address any existing problems, plan ahead for future challenges and help your businesses leverage technology to meet it's goals.

        • Reduce downtime with pro-active services and solutions

        • Set, achieve and review quarterly goals with strategic consulting sessions

        • Streamline operations with I.T. policies and guidelines

        • Implement modern technologies with our project management team