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Umbrella I.T. Services is a Vancouver-based I.T. company that has been providing I.T. support, services and solutions to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 2013.  Umbrella I.T. Services provides proactive I.T. management and on-demand support, both remote and on-site.

The Umbrella team focuses on developing long-term relationships based on trust, reliability and a deep understanding of their client's needs. This approach is unique amongst other Vancouver I.T. companies and has resulted in thousands of satisfied individuals and businesses.

Jake Van Buschbach
Founder & CEO

Jake started Umbrella I.T. Services in 2013 after providing tech support to friends and family for many years. He has always had a passion for fixing things and solving problems, but even more so, he has always been interested in people. Jake loves getting to know new people, learning all about what they do and how they operate. He’s learned over the years that the best solutions come from a deeper understanding of someone’s lifestyle, their business practices and their overall goals. For this reason, Jake starts every project with a discovery meeting that allows him to meet each client and dive deep into their business in order to ensure they are properly leveraging technology in a way that helps them reach their full potential.  

Jake loves to educate. He often develops educational seminars, workshops and training sessions for clients, helping them to develop a deeper understanding of the technology that they use and how it can impact their work, their goals and their bottom line.

When Jake isn’t working he enjoys staying active, hiking and reading about philosophy, science, history and psychology.