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We Provide migration, configuration and training services for associations in Vancouver.

  • Activate Google Grants to enable $10,000 a month in Google Ad spends. Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations only.
  • Connecting all workstations, laptops and servers to G Suite software, Shared Drives, Google Drive accounts and other tools.
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses by identifying key processes and configuring relevant automations inside of G Suite.
  • Enable activity tracking, user collaboration, secure file access, secure file sharing and compliant data storage by hosting file directories inside of Shared Drive and Google Drive.
  • Enable data loss prevention, system wide auditing, file retention, email retention and more with Google Vault.
  • Ensure staff can find any file, email, contact or other information via universal search with Google Cloud Search.
  • Increase collaboration with Google Hangouts instant messaging, Google Meet video conferencing and other collaboration tools.
  • Simplify communication and collaboration through the development of distribution and mailing lists inside of G Suite, Gmail, Hangouts, Meet, Google Drive and Shared Drives

Our expert consultants have configured Google Workspace for dozens of businesses and non-profit organizations and would love to learn more about your needs regarding Google Workspace. Call us today to setup your complimentary consultation.

Consultation is at the core of our work

  • Reduce downtime with pro-active services and solutions

  • Set, achieve and review quarterly goals with strategic consulting sessions

  • Streamline operations with I.T. policies and guidelines

  • Implement modern technologies with our project management team